Performing on the “Big Stage” for the First Time…

Preschool, Prekindergarten, and Kindergarten students dressed in full Halloween attire for the traditional early education fall performance! For many students, this was their first time on the big main stage at Wakefield, and they were outstanding! Throughout the week leading up to the big day, students practiced on the main stage to get comfortable with the new setting.

Beginning with our youngest students in the classroom, children have opportunities to practice public speaking, such as during weekly Show-and-Tell time, which prepares them for the big stage. In Kindergarten, students recite poems from famous poets on stage, with the culminating Kindergarten performance at graduation when students recite a poem individually on stage, all by themselves!

For many students at WCDS, this Halloween performance is their first official performance, and it continues to get easier and easier for them as they develop confidence and stage presence. Parents, grandparents, friends, and even the Third-grade class attended the show and cheered our youngest performers on! After a great show, since the students were already in proper attire, they went trick-or-treating around the school building to various faculty and staff members' offices, including Head of School, Mr. Larner (pictured below).