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Inspired Classrooms | A World of Opportunity

What makes our classrooms inspired?

Our curriculum is inspired by the conviction that the foundation of critical thinking is knowledge.

Our values are inspired by the belief that strength of character and courtesy are timeless virtues.

Our teachers are inspired by their material and the freedom to approach it with a personal touch.

Our students are inspired by their peers and mentors to be passionate and engaged learners.


What is the world of opportunity we promise?

The opportunity to receive a life-transforming education at an affordable price.

The opportunity to be closely and personally engaged in a setting with a 6:1 student-faculty ratio.

The opportunity to participate in a rich selection of extracurriculars that build leadership and character.

The opportunity for every student to travel abroad and learn through diverse experiences outside the classroom.


To develop each student’s character and intellect to the student’s fullest potential, encouraging scholarship, diligence, and self-discipline as well as respect for and service to others within a curriculum that emphasizes learning in the classical tradition.


The motto of WCDS is Virtus et Sapientia (virtue and wisdom). We believe that a school should be a place for serious scholarly inquiry, dedicated to the pursuit of truth leading to personal and academic excellence. We pride ourselves on offering an education designed to produce students who possess strong critical thinking and analytical skills; who write well and are well versed in public speaking; who are computer literate and motivated by a high sense of ethical responsibility. WCDS also takes seriously the dictum mens sana in corpore sano (a sound mind in a sound body) and believes that physical fitness is integral to a student’s intellectual life as are visual and performing arts.



Older students mentor younger students with Language Ambassador, Reading Buddy, and Bus Buddy programs


Consistently WCDS students earn perfect scores on National Latin and Foreign Language exams


Character education is at the core of the school. Integrated into classes, discussions, and projects are honor, respect, humility, perseverance, wisdom, citizenship, responsibility, charity, and courage


International students are integrated fully into all school programs—academic, extracurricular, and athletic. They are members of the student government and earn awards and scholarships alongside their American peers.


All students in preschool – 7th grade have instruction in art, music, computer, Spanish, PE/Fitness, library, and study skills.

Above and Beyond the Others

Academic Competitions

Academic Teams

Students compete in 10 academic teams  at the local, regional, state, and/or national level, including:

  • American Math
  • Cyber Patriots
  • Envirothon
  • History Bowl
  • Latin Certamina
  • Mock Trial
Academic Competitions
Athletic Teams


Students compete in 10 athletic  varsity, junior varsity, and/or middle school level teams, including:

  • Basketball
  • Lacrosse
  • Skiing
  • Soccer
  • Volleyball
Athletic Teams
Music Performaces

Drama and Music

 Students collectively perform in 10 drama and music productions per year.

Music Performaces
Perform and Speak Publicly

Weekly Assembly Programs

Students take part in 25 Assembly Programs per year, sharing talents and scholastic expertise and celebrating holiday traditions.

Perform and Speak Publicly
Learning outside the classroom

Learning Outside the Classroom

Collectively students take 50 field trips a year to parks, cities, museums, theaters, historical landmarks, and more.

Learning outside the classroom
International Students

International Student Program

Each year up to 24 international students study on campus and live with host families. Recent countries represented include: China, Germany, Guatemala, India, Japan, Panama, Rwanda, Thailand, and Vietnam.

International Students


WCDS' curriculum emphasizes academic rigor within a classical tradition.

The core of a WCDS education is a classical, sequential curriculum. As such, it utilizes continual reinforcement from pre-school through the twelfth grade. Wakefield Country Day School is a Virginia independent school that requires all seniors to research, write, present, and defend a thesis as part of their graduation requirement. Our exceptional curriculum has enabled WCDS seniors to earn consistently between one and two million dollars annually in merit scholarships for college.

Virtus et Sapientia

Virtus et Sapientia The motto of WCDS is Virtus et Sapientia (virtue and wisdom). Above all, we believe that a school should be a place for serious scholarly inquiry as well as dedicated to the pursuit of truth. We believe this strong focus leads to personal and academic excellence.

We pride ourselves on being a private school designed to produce students who possess strong critical thinking and analytical skills. In addition, our students develop skills in writing and are well versed in public speaking. Computer literacy and a high sense of ethical responsibility are also strongly emphasized.


Mens Sana in Corpore Sano

mens sana in corpore sanoFurthermore, WCDS takes seriously the dictum mens sana in corpore sano (a sound mind in a sound body). We believe that physical fitness is integral to a student’s intellectual life as are visual and performing arts. All students are encouraged and required to participate in our abundance of sports and drama programs.

Students compete at the state and national level in a myriad of teams, as well. This includes History Bowl, Model United Nations, Cyber Patriots, Latin Certamen, and Envirothon.


Unbroken 4-year college acceptance
Research, write, present, and defend theses and complete projects
Complete internships
Earned annually in merit scholarshpis for colleges and universities.

WCDS Graduates have Successful Careers

Business Men and Women          Diplomats          Artists          Bankers          Attorneys          Physicians          Entrepreneurs          Computer Analysts          Pilots          Writers          Teachers          Professors          Publishers          CEOs of High Tech Companies          Officers in the Armed Forces          Men and Women of the Clergy


Student Character and Intellectual Development

We believe that a well-nurtured personal character serves best to bolster a student to reach their fullest potential. With that in mind, our Virginia private school has a strong emphasis on student character.

Sense of Community

The community of 160 from preschool through twelfth grade includes international students who come to campus to study and live with host families, allowing them to explore and understand other cultures in an atmosphere of acceptance.

Our small class sizes and programs such as Reading Buddies and Language Ambassador’s Club allow for older students to interact with younger students while sharing wisdom and being good role models.

See What Parents are Saying!

Veronica Porterfield, a mother of 2 at WCDS, wrote the following in a google review:

"I have always had a sense of how special this school is because, from the beginning, it was one of a very few places outside of our house in which our daughter has felt at home. ...it was very important to me that the environment foster a love of learning, establish a strong academic foundation through a rigorous classical education, encourage students to pursue their interests, encourage creativity and critical thinking, but most of all take an interest in – and help to develop – them as people. Wakefield has done all of those things for my kids, and more..."

Read more testimonials on our admissions page.


Hold BA, AB, and/or BS degrees; 39% hold MA degrees; 7% have earned doctorates. Three teachers are current candidates for MA degrees.
Participate annually in professional development exercises, classes, training, and/or seminars.
Dedicated Teachers Travel Abroad

Teachers plan trips abroad during School Breaks to enhance classroom learning.

Recent destinations include:


Dedicated Teachers Travel Abroad

Life Skills Program

In an effort to help our students aim for their futures, WCDS not only gives them the tools to succeed in the classroom but also to succeed in the larger world. The WCDS Life Skills Program brings in experts in their fields to help arm its students for the world they'll face; from basic automotive maintenance to etiquette lessons, a WCDS student is prepared for the future.

Guest speakers offer fresh perspectives as they inspire, educate, entertain, and introduce the student body to a wide range of topics. Experienced individuals share life experiences, adventures/trips taken, discuss careers, provide informative discussions, or simply tell a story worth sharing.

An article featured in the Rappahannock News, highlighted WCDS' Life Skills Program.