early ed

The WCDS preschool, pre-kindergarten, and kindergarten programs are designed to cultivate a child’s natural desire to explore and learn within a structured environment. Early childhood is the time to lay the foundation for future learning. Children learn, grow, and develop, at different rates and with different learning styles, and our small class sizes allow for significant amounts of individualized teaching. To develop well-rounded children who are enthusiastic about learning, WCDS provides learning opportunities in both group and individual settings, enabling students to succeed at their own levels.


In keeping with Wakefield’s tradition of emphasizing core academic subjects, our early-ed students are introduced to reading and writing, math, science, history, geography, Spanish, music, art, library, and sports. Social development, learning to get along with others, character development, and group problem-solving, are also incorporated into these core lessons to nurture independent, responsible, and respectful individuals. Our program provides a safe environment for children to develop cognitively, physically, and socially. Our Early Education program lays a strong foundation for successful WCDS students as they enter the lower school.

Our students thrive in small classes taught by our highly educated and compassionate teachers.  They pass on their love of learning to their students. Students acquire early math and reading skills, marvel at the wonders of science, and enjoy separate classes in Spanish, art, music, and physical education. Students interact with older students through reading buddies, Assembly performances, and our Bus Buddy program. Through our community engagement program, students take part in field trips to local farms and orchards, museums, theaters, and small businesses.  Our students celebrate special traditions including the recitation of a poem at Kindergarten graduation, performing the Alligator Stomp dance together with the graduating senior class, and witnessing chickens hatch from eggs.

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More Information on Each Division: