Carl Liles, Leading and Learning

In keeping up with the Class of 2013, we recently heard from Carl Liles…in Kyrgyzstan!

Carl Liles is currently serving as a Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) Volunteer at a Russian language secondary school in the southern Kyrgyz Republic. He teaches English lessons with a local teacher for 18 hours a week, conducts a variety of teaching seminars and clubs, and helps with events at the American Corner located in a nearby university.

In Kyrgyzstan, Carl and a fellow volunteer pose with students after playing their first-ever game of kickball.

“I joined Peace Corps because I was interested in immersing myself in another culture, while also participating in community service. I chose Kyrgyzstan because I wanted to better understand the legacy of the Soviet Union in its former republics through listening to the thoughts and attitudes of others first hand. While service has had many challenges, my time in Kyrgyzstan has proven to be a valuable learning experience in multiple ways.”

Carl F. Liles, WCDS ‘13

University of Virginia 2017

Frank Batten School of Leadership and Public Policy

B.A. Leadership and Public Policy, Russian and Eastern European Studies