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At WCDS, we offer a safe learning environment, caring teachers, and kind classmates for children of all ages. We believe an excellent education should be accessible to all.

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WCDS Location

WCDS borders the Shenandoah National Park with its miles of hiking trails and waterfalls, but is just 58 miles from the Nation's Capital, Washington, D.C.  Close to urban shopping and culture, WCDS is nestled in Rappahannock County, home to the famous Inn at Little Washington 5-star restaurant, and Maestro Lorin Maazel's Castleton Festival.   In one of the safest and cleanest counties in the U.S., WCDS is the ideal location for students to enjoy the best opportunity for success.

Student & Parent Comments

Wakefield Country Day school provides an enriching academic and social environment for my two daughters. Initially, we found WCDS because of their exciting and diverse summer camps in which the children explored computer coding using legos, and age appropriate play and preparation for Pre-K . In November, we made the decision to transition the girls to WCDS as full-time students. The WCDS family partnered with us in navigating the application process, submitting financial aid documents and making my children feel at home in their classrooms and with their peers. The teachers welcomed both girls mid-year and enveloped them into their new learning environments. I love seeing the daily growth and excitement that the girls have for their school, teachers and classmates.

Katherine Hill

After touring many schools for my children to attend, I knew I had found a home at Wakefield. The curriculum on the website was attractive, but it was the feel of the school that was the perfect fit. Students here are polite, genuine, and happy. I took three tours of this school before our first day, and it was the same every time. The staff not only know the students by name, they know these students as family. 
My son's first day of school was a huge deal for me, but I never doubted our choice. I was afraid of how he would react when I picked him up that first day. But when I saw him, he gave me a huge smile and said he loved his new school. I look forward to continuing here for many years!

Allana Mensing

Although our son is only in Kindergarten, we are so impressed by all the things we didn't know we wanted him to know that he is learning at Wakefield Country Day School. We find him opening the door for others in public and looking adults in the eye when greeting them.  We knew the education would be wonderful, but knowledge can only take you so far. People skills are necessary for success, and we are so pleased with the gentleman he is becoming. 

Lyla Nutt

We are thrilled with WCDS. Our granddaughter entered the PS program in the fall and has thrived in the WCDS environment. At WCDS, students are encouraged from an early age to find courage in many different areas, not the least of which is facing an audience while onstage. Our granddaughter recently competed in a large Tae Kwon Do tournament. Each competitor presents himself/herself to the Ring Coordinator(s) and announces what it is he/she will be doing (i.e. what form, what board breaking techniques). Many of her peer competitors had their information written down for them, as they were not comfortable speaking for themselves in this environment. Our four year old granddaughter marched up and announced each event/technique in which she was competing; we credit the WCDS environment for our granddaughter’s comfort level in this environment. If a small environment of loving, caring, and supportive faculty and staff is appealing to you, we highly recommend WCDS.

Leslie Wilson