Welcome Mary Kruck

Mrs. Mary Kruck began her career teaching Middle School English and French at New Market Middle School. After earning her Master's Degree at George Mason University, she spent a decade as a Professor at GMU, then transitioned to private schools including Highland and Middleburg Academy. Mrs. Kruck is currently teaching AP Language, British Literature, and 10th Grade Composition and Grammar. WCDS is pleased to welcome Mrs. Kruck to its teaching staff!


What is it that attracted you to education as a career?
What attracted me to education as a career was initially my family. My father was a college professor; my mother a reading teacher, and most of my other relatives served as educators. At our dinner table or on car trips, we had philosophical debates on contemporary issues that often had to do with education. My family inspired me to try to be the best teacher possible.


What is your teaching philosophy?
My philosophy of education is that of being a facilitator for the students’ interests and abilities. When students are engaged and interested in the curriculum, they will seek the answers for themselves.


Given your depth of experience, what advice would you give to a first-year teacher?
My advice to first-year teachers is to be themselves and make good connections with the students. If we really appreciate the uniqueness and abilities of students, the relationships we build will strengthen the learning community for all involved.