Science, Technology, and Water Fun

STEAM Summer Camp


School hallways are typically quiet during the summer months, but at WCDS the halls are abuzz with learning and laughter.  Nikki Brady, beloved WCDS kindergarten teacher, is spending her days  busily working with the next generation of engineers and IT experts!  Children ages 5-12 are encouraged to work on creating bridges, boats and mazes out of LEGOs, participating in daily LEGO Challenges, and working on stop-motion videos .  Says Avery, rising 3rd grader, "I really like building LEGO cars and ramps, and then racing them using gravity.  We use a ruler to see how far they go.  With the videos, we build a background, and take a lot of pictures.  We took around 30 pictures for our 4-second movie.  It was fun!"  During breaks, the builders take a little time to enjoy the 100' water slide. "It's a great balance of science & technology and good old-fashioned fun," laughs Mrs. Brady.