100% of families with demonstrated need receive assistance via scholarships or financial aid. If families believe they cannot afford to pay full tuition, they are encouraged to apply for tuition assistance through FAST (FINANCIAL AID FOR SCHOOL TUITION) powered by Independent School Management. Please note, however, that no family at WCDS receives full tuition assistance. All families are expected to pay something toward their children's education.   Look for the link to FAST on this page.

All financial aid-based scholarships must complete the FAST application below.

Step 1:

Fill out inquiry form here, email our Director of Admissions [email protected], or call for more information, 540-635-8555 x227.  If previous steps have been fulfilled complete Application for Admissions.

Step 2:

Please click on the logo below to apply through FAST (FINANCIAL AID FOR SCHOOL TUITION).

Step 3:

Once processed, the data will be sent to a Financial Aid Committee which will make the final decision about tuition assistance awards per family.