$100k for Scholarships

WCDS Board Designates $100k for Scholarships

Wakefield Country Day School prides itself on educational excellence. For 46-years all WCDS graduates have been accepted to a 4-year college program — a truly remarkable record of academic achievement. There have been challenges along the way, yet the school has met each one with determination and prevailed.

Most recently Paul Larner, the new Chairman of the WCDS Board, secured more than a million dollars in operating capital. And with that largesse, Mr. Larner and the Wakefield Board have earmarked $100,000 for merit and need-based scholarships this fall. In a recent interview, Mr. Larner explained, “Wakefield’s scholarship program has traditionally addressed only the needs of financial aid. WCDS is seeking to increase enrollment and is instituting a new merit-based scholarship program; all applicants will be considered. We’re looking for students who demonstrate not only academic achievement, but also seek to become their best selves, contributing positively to their families, schools and communities. With a full-schedule of fall sports, new class offerings, and field-trips on the books, Wakefield Country Day School is moving forward, stronger than ever.”