Samuels Library Writing Contest

Writing Contest Winners

Wakefield students knocked it out of the park again this year.  Samuels Public Library held their 41st annual Holiday Writing Contest and seven WCDS students had winning entries; three additional students had artwork featured within the published book which included all the winning entries.

Congratulations to the following authors:

2nd Grade:

Braham Prather, Third Place, “Winter Avalanche”

3rd Grade:

Avery Hill, First Place, “On Christmas Eve”

4th Grade:

Brendan Griffin, First Place, “Christmas Joy For All”

Mia Blank, Second Place, “The Christmas Rescue”

5th Grade:

Layla Kassira, First Place, “The Night With Thoughts”

6th Grade:

Olivia Korte, First Place, “Saving Catmas”

8th Grade:

Claire Ann Mullins, First Place, “The Gift”

Congratulations to the following artists:

Laith Kassira, 3rd Grade

Emily Scoville, 3rd Grade

Ty Brady, 3rd Grade

Samuels Library Writing Contest