Virginia Junior Classical League Convention 2021

On November 14th, 33 students attended the Virginia Junior Classical League Convention in Richmond VA. The hybrid event brought together nearly 1,000 Latin students who competed on a variety of contests, including academic tests as well as oral events such as storytelling and recitation.  As usual, WCDS students shone, second only to Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology in total number of awards listed below.

VJCL Convention Awards 2021


Grade 7

Sarah Johnson

2nd Roman History Test

6th Storytelling 6-8

7th Elementary Vocabulary Test

8th Roman Life Test

9th Elementary Grammar Test

5th Sweepstakes 6-8

Katie Johnson

3rd Roman Life Test

5th Storytelling 6-8

7th Classical Geography Test

8th Mythology Test

6th Sweepstakes 6-8

Melanie Cornwell

8th Elementary Vocabulary Test

9th Elementary Derivatives Test

9th Mythology Test

Zachary Martz

1st Roman Life Test

4th Storytelling 6-8

9th Sweepstakes 6-8

Maddie Sneed

1st English Oratory 6-8

2nd Roman Life Test

7th Sweepstakes 6-8

Will Wofford

1st Storytelling 6-8

3rd Roman Life Test

8th Sweepstakes 6-8

Bella Seitz

2nd Modern Myth

5th Roman Life Test

10th Storytelling 6-8

McKenna Vaughn

3rd English Oratory 6-8

6th Roman Life Test

Leo McMahon

1st Cartoon 6-8

1st Modern Myth

3rd Dramatic Interpretation Level 1 & 1A

8th Roman Life Test

9th Elementary Vocabulary Test

4th Sweepstakes 6-8

Lotus Lowe – 3rd Modern Myth



Grade 8

Olivia Korte

3rd Elementary Vocabulary Test

6th Elementary Grammar Test

10th Elementary Derivatives Test

Victor Alonzo

3rd Storytelling 6-8

8th Elementary Grammar Test

Daniel Fletcher

2nd Storytelling 6-8

4th Elementary Vocabulary Test

9th Elementary Grammar Test

8th Sweepstakes 6-8

Tana Brady

10th Elementary Grammar Test



Grade 9

Lynne Blank

1st Mottoes II Test

7th Roman Life II Test

Garrick Church

7th Roman Life II Test



Grade 10

Mia Miller

5th Dramatic Interpretation 1 & 1A

6th Reading Comprehension Elementary Test

Sophia Miglino

7th Reading Comprehension Elementary Test

Annaliese Miglino

1st Dramatic Interpretation Level 2

Peter Miglino

2nd Dramatic Interpretation Level 2

Jeannel Dolcy

3rd Dramatic Interpretation Level 2

Juliana Lopez

4th Dramatic Interpretation Level 2