Upper School Studio Art Tour in Rappahannock County

The WCDS Upper School Student Art class went on their very own Rappahannock Art Tour, led by local artist and WCDS art teacher Kerrie Mullany.

The adventure began at acclaimed local artist Nol Putnam's studio, who lives 5 miles north of WCDS. Nol is a blacksmith who many years ago did the decorative iron doors at the Washington Cathedral! Students participated in hammering metal and learning about his process.  Next stop: Little Washington, where the student's piece "E Pluribus Unum" (out of many, one) hangs at the School House as part of the Rappahannock Art Tour (Nov. 6 and 7). Finally, the students arrived at their final destination, Mullany Art Studios in Flint Hill, where they discussed mosaic art and learned about how the gallery and studio function.

"I am introducing the class to artists either through study or by visiting studios," says Kerrie Mullany, "the students in this class range from grades 9-12. They really enjoyed this field trip, meeting artists, and we look forward to more local trips to local artists' studios this school year!"