The Scholastic Bowl

A deluge of rain poured down on Monday, but it paled in comparison to the deluge of correct answers given by our Scholastic Bowl team during its inaugural scrimmage this week. The event, held at Rappahannock County High School, paired the WCDS team against Luray High School. Led by our stalwart team captain, Lincoln Day (who, coincidently correctly answered the question about the Reconstruction-era faction of the Republican Party known as the “Stalwarts”), the Owls prevailed in both rounds played, winning handily by scores of 240 – 40 in round one and 300 – 80 in round two. In fact, each round was divided into three sessions, and the WCDS team did not lose a single session. In addition to captain Day, the other members of the team were Annaliese Miglino, Peter Miglino, Sophia Miglino, Scott Scoville, and Owen Schuster, all of whom contributed mightily to the group effort. Our Scholastic Bowl team appreciates having been invited to the event by our neighbors at RCHS and we look forward to the next competition.