Results Driven

A student's final years in high school can be demanding.  Classes, sports, homework, family and friends -- it's hard to find any time to do much else.  As students approach their last few years in high school, in addition to all the things they've been engaged in for years, college applications come along and can be daunting.  Many students who might otherwise thrive in college are left staring at a labyrinth that can prove too difficult to maneuver.  At Wakefield Country Day School our college advisor, Mrs. Dowell, takes the reins and helps guide our students into their successful next step.  Our unbroken history of 100% 4-year college acceptances with over $1.25 million in merit scholarship for our recent 10 graduates shows the proof is in the pudding.  Says Avigayil Aaronson, WCDS class of 2019, "I started at Wakefield Country Day in my junior year and WCDS definitely helped prepare me for college.  Mrs. Dowell was right there with me every step of the way:  helping me fill out the applications and write essays; making sure I didn't miss any deadlines when applying for scholarships; and helping me choose the best school for me.  No other school I attended in the past would have prepared me as adequately.  WCDS helped me go where I wanted to go because they prepared me so well and wanted to help me get into a great school -- one where I wanted to go."  Lucy Clark, the last of 4 children in a legacy of Clarks at WCDS, says, "The pressure of applying to colleges during my senior year was lifted because of our college advisor.  It is her sole purpose to help us research and choose the best school for us, manage applications, determine if we want to do a supplemental video, and then find scholarship money.  It made my junior and senior years so much easier -- I could concentrate on my classes and sports and still feel confident about my future."  Recent WCDS grads have attended (or will attend) top schools across the US including UVA, VaTech, College of William and Mary, Yale, University of California-Davis, UPenn, Penn State, NYU, Cornell, JMU, GMU, UMW, RIT, Clemson, Indiana University, Purdue, Swarthmore,  USC, Vassar, and many others.

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