Eborn Knows Geography

“A crater lake formed on Mount Pinatubo after a massive eruption in 1991. This volcano is located near Quezon City in what country?”

That was just one of the many questions posed to our geography bee participants last Friday in our school’s pursuit to send an Owl to the annual National Geographic Bee Championship.  In our competition, fifth-grade teacher Mrs. Perry, the organizer of the event, read aloud questions challenging each participant’s knowledge of U.S. and world geography.  Students were also required to read a map and answer associated questions.

Finn MacPherson was the runner-up in the competition, and sixth-grader William Eborn won the WCDS championship round.  What’s the next step for William?  He will take an online state qualifying test to advance to the Virginia Bee.

Congratulations to all of our students who competed:  CJ Foreman, Noel Heffron, Vinnie Hendricks, Arielle Shepard, William Eborn, Finn MacPherson, DJ Cate, Connor Lummis, Scott Scoville, and Lincoln Day.

Oh, and the correct answer is the Philippines.  Did you write down the correct response?