A Taste of the World

In colorful and lively tradition, the WCDS community celebrated customs and cultures from a sampling of countries around the world at the International Day fair held on February 8.

During a day organized by WCDS International Program Director Casey Carter, each class prepared an exhibit for its chosen country that featured interesting facts about the country along with tasty foods and cultural keepsakes.

Featured countries included: Australia, Canada, Denmark, Ethiopia, Greece, Israel, Madagascar, Mexico, Mozambique, Peru, Portugal, Republic of Georgia, Russia, Thailand, and Turkey.

In between sampling delicious dishes such as Danish frikadeller, Georgian khachapari, Russian blini, and romazava of Madagascar, students enjoyed craft workshops, where older children taught the younger children to make special toys and artwork popular in the countries on display.

Students also enjoyed a scavenger hunt for details of each country before everyone, staff and students, entered the gym for a “Formula One Grand Prix” race to cap a festive day of world studies.