Materials and equipment to support and sustain multiple STEM projects

Innovative STEM opportunities abound at WCDS. The School has partnered with the Smithsonian Conservation Biology Institute to gather data from cameras placed on campus to document area wildlife. Students in science classes are working with solar panels and wind turbines provided by James Madison University, competing nationally with their own original constructions while creating energy sources for use on campus.  Wildlife Conservation Club members recently taught board members of the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation how to build bluebird boxes for a habitat project supported by NFWF, and Envirothon team members annually plant trees to fight erosion on area farms. Computer and math students compete nationally as members of the School’s Cyber Patriots and AMC teams, respectively, and students interested in astronomy will soon be viewing the stars via a newly donated 12 inch Dobsonian Reflector telescope!   Designating your gift to STEM will fund materials for the construction of on-site solar panels and will ensure that WCDS STEM programs continue and flourish.