Senior Thesis Schedule of Presentations

We are pleased to announce our 2017/18 Senior Thesis Topics and Presentations:

Wednesday Assembly, March 28th (10:15)

Bernie Cieplak:
Cyber Corps: An Analysis of the Future Cyber Arm of the US Military

Thursday, March 29th (Trey 4:15; Harmony 5:15)

Trey Jenkins:
An Examination of the Justification for a Continued Search for Intelligent, Extra-Terrestrial Life

Harmony Lindstrom:
Private Ownership of Exotic Animals in the United States: The Moral and Legal Implications

Saturday, March 31st (Nile 10:00; Pierce 11:00; Emerson 1:00; Tyler 2:00; Owen 3:00) 

Nile Patel:
The Effect of Bioenergetic Medicine and Integrative Physiology on Modern Western Medical Practices

Pierce Mingione:
U.S. Soccer: How Far Have We Come and How Far Do We Have to Go?

Emerson Shepard:
The Impact of Concealed-Carry Weapon Laws on Crime Rates In America

Tyler Johnson:
Is there Justification for Changing America’s English Standard System of Measurement to the More Widely Used Metric System?

Owen Youngquist:
An Examination of the Arguments for Removing Confederate Statues from Public Display

Wednesday Assembly, April 4th (10:15)
Douglas Griffin:
Historic Buildings in America: What Makes Them Historic, and What is Their Place in the Modern World?

Friday, April 6th (Chris 4:15; Jie 5:15)
Chris O’Heir:
An Analysis of the Decline in Teen Use of Tobacco and the Rise in E-Cigarette Usage

Jie Ren:
An Examination of Thomas Carlyle’s “Great Man Theory”

Saturday, April 7th (Bridgette 10:00; Alex 11:00; Connor 1:00; Chandler 2:00; Ryan 3:00; Zoe 4:00)
Bridgette Larsen:
Language in Our Society: The Advantages and Disadvantages of an Official National Language in the United States and the Effects of That Language on a Democratic People.

Alex Smith:
An Examination of the Influence Agricultural Systems Created by Ancient Civilizations in South America Had on Modern Day Agriculture

Connor Glennon:
Mind Over Matter:  Can the Human Mind Voluntarily Influence the Sympathetic and Voluntary Immune System?

Chandler Liu:
An Examination of the Effects of the Fifty Plus One Rule Within Soccer’s German Bundes League

Ryan Brown:
The Effects of Aging on Imagination and Creativity

Zoe Porterfield:
What Constitutes Happiness?

Sunday, April 8th (Jackson 12:00; Spencer 1:00; Tony 2:00; Frank 3:00; Ben 4:00)
Jackson Romine:
Is the Use of Uranium Worth the Risk It Poses to Our Environment and Humanity as a Whole?

Spencer Bryan:
Technology and the Game of Golf: How Have Advancements in Technology Enhanced the Game Professionally and Recreationally?

Tony Elar:
Battle Re-Enactments: Are There Reasons to Perpetuate Them?

Frank Wang:
An Examination of the Effects of the Transplantation of Stem Cells to Increase Life Expectancy

Ben Cotter:
Feral Pig Migration in the United States: What Are the Effects, and How Should We Deal with Them?

Friday, April 13th (Kathryn 4:15; Landon 5:15)
Kathryn Phillippe:
Islam and Christianity: Do These Two World Religions Have More in Common Than One Would Think?

Landon Thede:
The Effects of Aquaculture on Fish Populations and the Environment

Saturday, April 14th (11:00)
Andrew Kwolek:
An Analysis of The Feasibility of Future Deep Space Travel