Every year Wakefield Country Day School hosts a Medieval Faire and Banquet. The gymnasium is transformed into a Medieval town, complete with a castle sporting a 25 ft wide barbican gate, a tavern, a chapel, stocks, a market cross, jousting yard, archery butts, reviewing stand, port, and more. Costumed students in grades 3-8 (plus many older ones who return to help) have the opportunity to immerse themselves in all aspects of Medieval life. They can learn about Gothic architecture by constructing mortar free arches and making stained glass. They can write with quill pens, mix herbal remedies in a mortar and pestal, emboss leather, embroider scenes into the school's own Bayeaux Tapestry, master Viking finger weaving or make chain mail. That is, of course, if they're not climbing the Jacob's Ladder, launching the trebuchet, jousting, participating in the broad sword sparing, quarter staffing, archery and knife throwing tournaments or pancake races. The event concludes with a grand feast in the 'Great Hall' of the auditorium. Platters piled with spit-roasted beef, venison, and other dainties (all based on period recipes) are brought to the tables. Everything is eaten with greasy fingered Medieval gusto while the 'royal court' of 8th grade history students entertain the assembled worthies with a carefully researched and choreographed skit.

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