The Middle School includes grades six, seven, and eight, with the sixth grade being the bridge from a more contained classroom environment to schedules which require students to move from teacher to teacher, classroom to classroom.

Grade six focuses not only on the core curriculum (two English classes per day, math, history/geography, and science) but emphasizes study skills and organization as well, in preparation for the challenging courses taken in seventh and eighth grades.

In the seventh and eighth grades, all students take a high school level Latin I course divided into Latin A (seventh grade) and Latin B (eighth grade) and in eighth grade may choose high school level Spanish or French. Math instruction is geared to a student’s ability and experience. Thus, a student in eighth grade, depending on the math he or she has already had, could enroll in Pre-algebra, Algebra, or Geometry.

Fitness classes held three times per week are also included for students not participating on a Middle School sports team. Optional instruction in the Roman Catholic faith as part of the WCDS Religious Studies program is offered in the Middle School, as well, as are art and music.

Learning also occurs outside the classroom as students travel on field trips to various places of historical, geographical, literary and scientific merit which are integral to the subjects they are studying.

As part of the school's public speaking program, all classes prepare performances for weekly Assemblies throughout the year. These performances may include recitations of famous speeches or poems, enactments of historical events, dramatic presentations of scenes from literature studied in classes, and/or celebrations of seasonal holidays with songs and traditional dances.


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