Practice begins on Nov. 3rd at Phoenix Fitness/Signal Knob Pool in Strasburg. 

              Water Practice- Varsity and JV Monday-Thursday 5:30-6:30 pm. 

The team will leave school on the Activity bus at 4:00 pm.  We arrive at the pool by 4:45, giving students 45 minutes for homework and studying before practice. After practice, the Activity Bus will come back to WCDS, returning by 7:30 pm.

Swimmers will need suit, goggles, team cap (for the girls), and a water bottle.  They should also be prepared with a snack for before and after practice in order to replace calories used during training.


I expect that all Varsity swimmers attend at least 75% of the available practices with the team, unless arrangements have been made before the season begins.


All swimmers will be expected to wear their team suit, team warm-up jacket, team t-shirt, prepared to race with the WCDS cap (boys and girls), and goggles.  Swimmers should also be prepared to stay for the duration of the meet (in the team “uniform”), cheer for their teammates and opponents, and say “thank you” to the meet officials and the host team’s head coach.  Often, the team will plan on going out to get something to eat after the meet.

Parents: As a team, we will be expected to provide timers at each of the meets we attend.  It will also be my expectation, as well as the expectation of the DAC and the VISAA that WCDS has a few parents who are registered and serve as officials at the meets.  I will be getting more information about the officiating soon.  Also, you can order WCDS Swimming parent t-shirts/sweatshirts from the Spirit Store on The Roost.



Let’s Do It!!!


 $70.00 ---------for USA Swimming Membership (covers all insurance at the training facility and provides a subscription to “SPLASH” magazine for each athlete.

$25.00 lane rental fee

Cost of Activity Bus TBD based on number of swimmers.

Team Suits

WCDS Swimming is an official Speedo Team sponsored swimming program.  We get a special discount on Speedo suits through our dealer Sport Fair.  Ordering Speedo products through this dealer will help us maintain our sponsorship.

                   Endurance+ (black/red flyback for girls) is our team suit.  Sport Fair will place the logo on each suit.

Cost: male jammer- $38.00

         male brief- $35.00

          female suit- $56.00

                                           the above prices are approximate


         Returning WCDS swimmers should already have a cap.  New swimmers will receive a team cap.  These are Speedo, red silicone caps with the WCDS logo on either side.  The cost for replacement caps are $11.00.

Swimmer of the Meet

         Swimmer of the Meet will be awarded to a WCDS Swimmer after each meet.  This award is open to any athlete competing in that meet.  The award is a stuffed owl.  As a recipient of the award, each swimmer is expected to add something to the Owl and return it to the team by the next meet.  I am hopeful that this Owl receives a name by the end of the season!

Training Philosophy

         We train hard and race tired. This means we train hard on the day before meets!!!  Our big meet is the DAC Championships and the State Meet.  Dual meets are practices to swim fast when the athletes are “tired.” Training before a meet is important in helping the swimmer develop the physiological changes that need to occur for fast swimming at the Championship Meets.

         Swimmers are expected to be at practice. That is a part of the commitment that they have made to the team, and most importantly, themselves.  Academic planning is absolutely vital.  Here at WCDS, teachers are willing and able to help with giving advance notice about tests, quizzes, long-term assignments.  Therefore, there is no excuse for not having time to complete assignments.  Again, this is a learning experience and a part of the swimmer’s commitment to himself/herself.

        Swimmers also will adhere to ALL of WCDS courtesies and behavioral expectations.  Drinking and drug use will not be tolerated at any time, or in any venue, during the season.  These actions jeopardize the individual and the hard work that he, or she is putting in to achieve their goals.  It is also a detriment to their teammates.


Welcome to the WCDS Swimming page on the web-site, located at The Roost.  This will be a prime place to find out information about WCDS Swimming, practices, meet schedules, etc.  I look forward to working with you all this upcoming season.  We should be able to send a few more to States!!!

Coach Boelter