Department Information

For families who need more information about sports travel and location of opponents:

Log into and click on the Athletics tab at the top.  At the top of the page you will see a section entitled Athletic Director’s News.  Here you will find information about expected travel times for Middle School teams.  For any athletic event click on the calendar to the right, on the specific day of interest.  The games for the day will come up.  If you click on the game in which you are interested, directions, a phone number  and map will appear. 

Free on-line courses from the National Federation of High Schools

Parents, families and student athletes are strongly encouraged to take the free on-line courses offered by the National Federation of High Schools (NFHS). The NFHS is the governing body over high school athletics and produces the rules books used to administer high school sports.There are three free courses offered by the NFHS on their website: You must register and set up a password to access the free courses. Once you are registered you can go to the free courses to take them. To get to the free courses you go under “Featured Items” on the home page and click on Concussion Course.  This will take you to the Learning Center. You can click on”Courses” in the top red bar and then “Free Courses” in the drop down menu.  Then you go through the process as if you are ordering the course but you will have a 0.00 balance. Then you will be able click to view the course. The free courses are titled: Concussions : What You Need to Know (25 minutes), The Role of Parents in Sports (35 minutes) and Sportsmanship (15 minutes). These are good courses that are insightful to all who take them.   Our coaches are required to take the free concussion course and free sportsmanship course. Mr. Costello has taken all three courses and recommends them to any parent, teacher, administrator, student athlete, coach at any level and fan. Please take advantage of these free ways to educate yourself in these areas.

Regarding our  Sports Poster schedules and pocket schedules

These are free to faculty/staff/students/families and are currently available on the credenza, Mr. Costello’s office.  Keep in mind that we are required to submitschedules to the poster company well in advance of the current season  and thus there may be  a number of changes. Our school  website under the Roost and Atheltic tab: wcdsva.orgm will be your place for the most up to date schedules and sports announcements.  

Gate Admission at VMSC/DAC Schools

Please be aware that virtually all VMSC and DAC schools charge gate admissions for games at their schools. You should expect to pay admissions at away games though some may not charge for outside events. Thank you for your understanding.

Athletes must have a current physical to compete on teams.

You are expected to have a current physical exam. The  Athletic Participation Physical Form/Sports Emergency Permission Form/Acknowledgement of Risk and Insurance Form is available in the following three places: our school website under athletic forms for this school year, on Mr. Costello’s door and in the school office.

Participation of 5th graders on Middle School Teams:

The eligibility of 5th graders and their participation on our Middle School teams is directly impacted by the skill level and the participation levels of our 6th, 7th and 8th graders.  When there is room on the roster 5th graders may be members of the team but priority for playing time will be given to the other grade levels. 

The department philosophy on athletic participation is simply this: we want the players to have fun, we want to play to win and we want to involve as many players as possible when the game situation allows for it to happen.

Letterman Jackets

Varsity letterman jackets may be ordered at any time. The cost of the jacket is $165.00 and a check, made payable to Kenney’s Sport Shop, must accompany the order. Order forms are available on Mr. Costello’s door and on the credenza in the lobby.

WCDS Tee-Shirts

The Boosters are selling WCDS long-sleeved red tee-shirts. Tee-shirts are printed with WCDS Parent, WCDS Grandparent or WCDS Student and are available in both youth and adult sizes. Tee-shirts are $15 each or two shirts for $25 and are available at all indoor games or from Mr. Costello. Checks should be made payable to WCDS.  

Game Day Information:

There is a broken line painted between the bleachers and the playing surface of the Soccer/Lacrosse field to signify a restraining line. Only the following people are permitted to cross that line and go onto the field during game play: players, coaches, officials and school administrators. Please assist us by respecting this line for everyone’s safety.

Additional information