Athletic Director's News

Regular Sports Practice Schedules 

Varsity sports practices: Generally run from 4 pm-5:30 pm during the school year, Mon-Friday, unless they are canceled by severe weather.   Occasionally a varsity coach will give his/her  team a day off and your student-athlete will know that in advance. In the case of the gym being occupied for MS  home games(volleyball and/or basketball) there will not be a place for varsity volleyball or basketball to practice thus canceling practice and this is usually known in advance.

Middle School sports  practices: 8th period Monday-Thursday. 

Middle School projected return times from away games the next two weeks: Please keep in mind that a number of factors can impact these timees; stoppage of play, traffic, games starting on time and/or stops for dinner:  

Away games: Please provide your student with money to buy dinner on the way back from any away game. 

Sports Physicals

All student-athletes must have a current physical dated after June 1, 2016 to participate.  Physical forms are available on our website to download. 

Virginia Independent Schools Athletic Association Sportsmanship Code of Conduct

Philosophy-  The VISAA believes that interscholastic athletics are an integral part of the total educational program.  High standards of behavior, scholarship, and citizenship are important to a sound athletic program.  Students volunteering to participate in athletics should assume these responsibilities and will lead by example in demonstrating fairness, respect, and self-control.  Athletes, coaches, officials and fans shall at all times conduct themselves in a reasonable and sportsmanlike manner.  Each person will be responsible for his or her words and actions at all VISAA Events and shall adhere to the Code of

Conduct at VISAA Events.   

Statement to be Read at all VISAA Athletic Events: “The Virginia Independent Schools Athletic Association is committed to establishing and developing healthy environments for competition. We ask all spectators to remember to treat the officials and participating teams with respect. Cheer the strengths and victories of your team and do not denigrate the performance of your opponents, their fans or the officials.  We expect that all fans will act in an appropriate manner, and respect the opposition and the officials. Failure to do so may result in dismissal from the premises.  Your cooperation is greatly appreciated.”

This information is also available on

Participation of 5th graders on Middle School Teams: 

The eligibility of 5th graders and their participation on our Middle School teams is directly impacted by the skill level and the participation levels of our 6th, 7th and 8th graders.  When there is room on the roster 5th graders may be members of the team but priority for playing time will be given to the other grade levels. 

The department philosophy on athletic participation is simply this: we want the players to have fun, we want to play to win and we want to involve as many players as possible when the game situation allows for it to happen.

Game Day Information:

There is a broken line painted between the bleachers and the playing surface of the Soccer/Lacrosse field to signify a restraining line.  Only the following people are permitted to cross that line and go onto the field during game play: players, coaches, officials and school administrators.  Please assist us by respecting this line for everyone’s safety.


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